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About us

SpraySafe is a New Zealand owned and operated company dedicated to providing Kiwis with a safe and easy way to eliminate germs and protect your family.  We do this by transforming fresh New Zealand water into a powerful sanitising, cleansing and deodorising formula.  We want to share this 100 % safe, 100% non-toxic and 100% alcohol-free technology with New Zealand.  We want all Kiwis to confidently enjoy the very best hygiene, and skincare without any nasty chemicals.

That's why we developed SpraySafe.


Proudly kiwi owned

Our mission

To improve the health and safety of individuals by introducing the next generation of Health and Hygiene standards to New Zealand.

We do this by converting pure New Zealand water into an effective bacteria-fighting agent that does zero harm to your skin, your body or the environment.

Then provide individuals and organisations with a range of application sprays and equipment together with education on the technology and benefits of use.

Our partners & distributors 

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