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Does it really take only 26 seconds for nasty chemicals to enter your blood stream?

Chemicals tested on bloodstream

SpraySafe is many things with many uses. But above all else, it is 100% safe. That's exactly why we called it SpraySafe. It offers all the protection against germs and odours that you need but without any of the nasty chemicals that can enter your bloodstream.

There are plenty of discussions on the internet which debate the principal that everything that you put on your skin enters your bloodstream. Sunscreen, makeup, soaps, nicotine patches, detergents, cleaning products. The debate, as they do, has strong points for and against but it there is a general agreement to the perceived fact that at least some of what you put on your skin, does enter your body. How long it takes depends on the nature of the product and the method of application amongst other things (I remember our science teacher at school telling us if we rubbed a clove of garlic on our feet we would taste it in our mouth 10 minutes later!).

The good news is that as we have mentioned, SpraySafe's alcohol-free sanitiser has no nasty chemicals. You can literally spray it directly on your face (eyes shut!) with no problems at all. Protect your family, with the piece of mind that they are safe and that with no nasty chemicals you are also doing your bit for the environment.

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