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Life changing benefits of HOCl as a facial treatment

Who would have thought that our humble kiwi made Hypochlorous Acid sanitising water could make such a difference to our customers lives.

Before and after Hypochlorous Acid treatments
Hypochlorous Acid Water treatment

We asked our past customers to tell us how using spraysafe has benefit them and got some amazing and often life changing stories back. Above from Joanna who was kind enough to share her before and after photos.

Joanna said-

"I absolutely adore SpraySafe!!! I discovered it roughly 2 and half years ago and I have never looked back. This is seriously a life saver as I now just buy the refills (and) I do use it every single day, morning and night, as well as at the gym. I work in a corporate job that requires me to travel often, so I always have at least a bottle with me on the go. I’ve been a skin fanatic for years but being in NZ it has been super challenging to find good product that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Incorporating hypochlorous acid has literally levelled up my skincare routine and I will never look back. Spraysafe has contributed massively to me healing my skin"

And from Paratai-

"Spraysafe worked so well for me!!! Definitely a multi-purpose spray for sure. I broke out after a holiday overseas & went to dermatologists to try get it under control but honestly results were meh. I was doing some research saw that the active ingredient which is Hypochlorous acid is great for acne (antibacterial) and had seen other alternatives on the market that were wayyyy more pricey for way less product. I found Spraysafe online and was a bit hesitant to try it out (the price won me over😂) but after more than a month of using the spraysafe spray I’m definitely seeing the results I want to see. Just stocked up on some more☺️. Thanks!"

And is endorsed by skin care professionals-

From Lois-

"Your product works well with hydradermabrasion facial which is one of the most popular facials at my salon. Especially for blemishes and sensitive skin. Most of my clients can see the skin condition improved immediately and reached their expectations."

From Maryana-

"It's something I see often helping my clients with eczema and staph!"

Thanks you so much for your testimonies, we are soooo glad that our products is helping so many Kiwi's. If you want to try for yourself please visit our on line store-


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